12 Dec 2018


Tonight Goes Mad House

Saturday, 25 October, midnight–6 am

Very good artists will be presented. Really great artists. It will be very good night and great experience for everybody. It is hard to fail as performance art is better than any other form of art. This time we are not on the island, but in a place called Mad House. The time is the same time as always, midnight to 6 am.

Very nice names: Gwendoline Robin from Belgium; Irma Optimisti from Punavuori, Helsinki; He Liping from The People’s Republic of China; Agnes M K Yit from Singapore; Ieke Trinks from city called Rotterdam in the country of Netherlands; Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson from Island; Egle Oddo lives in Finland; Kimmo Modig, born in Finland; Anna Breu, Western Finland; Sari Rossi is a difficult case, let’s say Australia.

After Tampere, Tonight will go on a tour, stopping in Tampere on 29 October and in Pori on 31 October. Further information revealed eventually here.

Mad House Helsinki
Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33 / Tiivistämö