11 Dec 2018



Friday, 12 December, Gallery Augusta

Times are dark

which suites our blog well. No rain nor wind could put us down. We stay up again until the morning and wish you welcome to join. Tonight is back home. Gallery Augusta will be ready to keep you warm on Friday night 12.12. Programme is set to start at 23:59 on Friday and will continue until 06:00 on Saturday 13.12.

Tonight provides the art together with HIAP -Helsinki International Artist Programme, Time and Space department of Academy of Fine Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Thank you to all!

If you want to share the food and drink with us we have to ask you to share the costs as well.

Boat goes from Market Square at 23:20. You better be covered with warm and waterproof and do take care that those pockets are loaded with coins. Daylight will be off. Check the route before hand or trust the instinct.

Here they are:

Paul Couillard

Hannah Gullichsen

Helinä Hukkataival

Michelle Lacombe

Kaisa Luukkonen

Janne Rahkila

Peter Rosvik

Diana Soria