5 Dec 2018



Friday 10 April 23:59 – Saturday 11 April 06:00, Contemporary Art Space Kutomo, Turku

Tonight is telepathic working environment. Nothing is agreed, no thing is arranged, no organising happens. Only the event appears. It simply materialises once in a while. First it seemed that it could be most likely found in Suomenlinna in Gallery Augusta. Now it looks like there is no guarantee. We can not tell if it is getting bored or wants to travel just for fun. For more fun. It must be curious. So young. But already so experienced. Somehow.

The artists of Tonight at Kutomo:

Shannon Cochrane (CA)

Beate Linne (GE)

Alice De Visscher (BE)

Mireia Arnella (ES)

Tanja Koistila (FI)

Philip Luddite (FI)

Tomasz Szrama (FI)

Siiri Nevalainen (FI)

Anna Matveinen, Katja Paju and Linda Inkeroinen (FI)