4 Dec 2018



The night of April 17 will be thick.

Tonight is presenting performance art on the island of Suomenlinna in Gallery Augusta.
Programme starts at 12 at night on Friday and continues until the Saturday morning.
Artists are arriving from far away places with airplanes to present their work. Artists from closer by use public transport or their own car. They all are prepared to impress the audience.

Artists are:

Shannon Cochrane (she is from Toronto, Canada)
Beate Linne (she lives in Budapest)
Travis mcCoy Fuller (American from Italy)
Pekka Kainulainen (Finnish)
Willem Wilhelmus (Dutch but living in Helsinki a lifetime)
Tanja Koistila (Finnish)
Suvi Suvereeni (Finnish)
Aapo Korkeaoja (Korkeaoja)
and Students of the Art School Maa (multi)

Friends and families, random helpers, all the previous random helpers and random helpers in the future, people who come to see and talk afterwards and people who stay to clean even it is said that it is fine, collaborators and commentators, even those who each time plan to come but never do, all of you are keeping it alive. See you soon!


Gallery Augusta is hosted by HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme. The event would not happen without HIAP. Samuel Hubers Art Foundation made it financially possible this time.

Ferry goes from Market Square to Suomenlinna at 23:20. Walk from Suomenlinna harbour takes about 15 minutes.