22 Dec 2018


Thomas Lehmen: “Bitte…” (“Please…”)

To ask for something important from another person has a special dimension and function in life. Such requests create the possibility for change; to respond affirmatively is to shift reality, in a direct and profound way.

Lehmen’s new piece „Bitte…” is a Finnish-German collaboration, created by five strong dancer-choreographers: Hermann Heisig, Eeva Muilu, Vera Nevanlinna, Liisa Risu and Thomas Lehmen himself.

Concept, choreography: Thomas Lehmen,
Dance: Hermann Heisig, Thomas Lehmen, Eeva Muilu, Vera Nevanlinna, Liisa Risu
Dramaturgical collaboration: Claudia La Rocco
Choreographic assistance: Alyssa Gersony
Photo: Wiebke Rompel
Production: Christine Peterges, Thomas Lehmen
Co-production: Zodiak – Center for New Dance, PACT Zollverein

Supported by:
Kunststiftung NRW, Land NRW, Goethe Institut Helsinki, Kordelin Foundation, Goethe Institut Seoul, EU/Départs, HIAP

Thanks to Arizona State University


Thu 27/9 at 19.00 Premiere
Sat 29/9 at 19.00
Sun 30/9 at 15.00
Tue 2/10 at 19.00
Wed 3/10 at 19.00
Thu 4/10 at 19.00
Post-performance discussion: 3.10.2012

Tickets: 20/12 €

ZODIAK STAGE, Cable Factory, Entrance V

Thomas Lehmen is a renowned choreographer, dancer and teacher from Germany. Zodiak’s Side Step Festival has presented his works Schreibstück in 2003 and Lehmen lernt in 2011. Thomas Lehmen is HIAP artist-in-residence in October.