12 Dec 2018


The World of Warcraft Psychogeographical Association: Helsinki Drift

Friday, 8 August, 10:30 am–8:30 pm, KIASMA Theatre

Angela Washko will fly through the epic landscape in virtual game World of Warcraft, following players around, finding out their favourite locations within the game, and discussing their knowledge of the city Washko will be physically inhabiting (Helsinki). They’ll seek out hidden memorials in this ephemeral space and investigate urban life in virtual cities. By intentionally misusing the functionality of the game, she turns the depths of the game into fruitful territory for public performance, leading the audience to a psychogeographical drift inside World of Warcraft. A live stream of the WoW performance will be screened in the window of Alkovi, Kallio, simultaneously with the event.

Angela Washko (US) is an artist and facilitator devoted to mobilising communities and creating new forums for discussions of feminism where they do not exist. She is in Helsinki as a part of the HIAP Residency Programme.

The game intervention is organised by Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art as a part of the URB14 Festival.

Free admission