7 Dec 2018


The Utopia of Living Together

The Utopia of Living Together is an attempt to revision the state of utopia in contemporary Cuban art. It discusses the break as well as the possible line of continuity between the aesthetics, concerns and interests of the 80’s and of the younger generation of artists. The lecture is followed by an open discussion.

Yuneikys Villalonga has graduated from Art History at Havana University. Her recent employment includes working as a curator at the Ludwig Foundation of Cuba and a professorship at the Higher Institute of Art in Havana.

Currently she works as an independent curator. She has organized international art exhibitions in Havana, Albania, Sweden, England and Scotland. She is now in a residence at FRAC Lorraine, in France, where she is writing for the catalogue of the exhibition by the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera and the Afgan artist Lida Abdul.

Villalonga will be in Helsinki for 2 days, invited by FRAME and HIAP. Artists are welcome to bring their portfolios and talk with the curator after the lecture.