17 Dec 2018


The Inter-local Atelier: Open Doors

1-2 June, Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Zodiak Stage

The Inter-local Atelier takes the stage at Zodiak – Center for New Dance this Saturday and Sunday to present what the group has been developing during their residency at Suomenlinna. The open doors events start at 3 pm on both days.

The Inter-local Atelier is a long-term artistic project, based on collaboration of five artists deciding to work together.

We are working on our individual and common interests around dancing, performance, choreography, philosophy, movies, nature, shaking, body work, talking, thinking, watching, economy etc. We are searching ways of working and sharing the work without producing pieces or selling anything.

The Inter-local Atelier group are Elisa Yvelin (FR), Mikko Hyvönen (FI), Stav Yeini (IL), Aron Blom (SE), and Veli Lehtovaara (FI).

The residency period has been supported by Zodiak – Center for New Dance and HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme.