13 Dec 2018


The Holy Road

Always psalms.

That’s how my self-taught harmonium sessions in the impro way ended up ten years ago. And they still do. Other stuff I keep doing is sewing multinational folk dresses out of plastic bags. Yes, and experimenting with camera obscura as well. So this is my path: I’ll be walking in a holy road movie. Mi Duncker’s new exhibition titled “The Holy Road” shown in the Project Room from 10th.-25th.11.2009

Duncker’s latest Video titled “The Holy Road” was finalized in autumn 2009. It was filmed by a camera obscura made by Mi Duncker. The lens of the camera has the form of a cross, which produces quite a special effect in the pictures. A cameo role is made by the artist in the video, Duncker’s is seen playing organs in a self-made multinational folk dress.

The joyful multinational folk dresses made in 2000-2009 are also part of the exhibition.

Mi Duncker´s residency in Frankfurt is organised within an ongoing residency exchange programme between HIAP and Frankfurt am Main City Cultural Office, supported by FRAME – Finnish Fund for Art Exchange.