12 Dec 2018


The City Against Itself

Saturday, 9 August, 3 pm, Kiasma Theatre

Video project inspects the dualities of the city of San Diego: a paradisiacal escape that has also been associated with various cults claiming a direct connection to the heavens. San Diego negotiates its image of escape with reality: featuring one of the US’ highest populations of both homeless people and ‘illegal’ immigrants from the south and living right next to prominent facilities for the Navy, Marine, and Homeland Security training. This project explores what can be learned from San Diego, and from the politics of its ideology of escape, moving from the terrestrial to the extraterrestrial.

The piece will be accompanied by a video screening that elaborates the themes of The City Against Itself.

Alex Young (US) is a research-based artist, designer, and curator whose works employ critical and experimental historiography in analysing the often contradictory ideologies that fuel the future present. He is in Helsinki as a part of the HIAP residency programme.

The screening is organised by Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art as a part of the URB14 Festival.

Free admission