4 Dec 2018


The BodyBuilding Project: A Non-Conclusion

Wednesday 19 August & Thursday 20 August, 11-17, HIAP Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna

The BodyBuilding Project is a shared inquiry into the sensibilities, subjectivities and relational capacities that we, as interdependent beings, might beneficially develop in response to the planetary urgencies we currently face. It encourages us to reimagine the propensities currently identified as “human,” and to begin building bodies capable of prefiguring life beyond our collapsing horizons.

This summer, we have taken part in a group exhibition titled Frontiers in Retreat: Excavations, at HIAP Gallery Augusta on Suomenlinna Island. Since the opening of the exhibition, we have experimented with a range of practices and shared them with the visitors of the gallery in the form of regular events.

As the exhibition is coming to a close, it is time for us to sum up the work we have done. In order to do this, we are organising a two-day event in the gallery and its nearby surroundings.

The first day consists of a series of exercises, which will move us through a variety of perceptual registers and offer us ways of exposing ourselves to the unknown within and around us. During the day, we will reflect on the ways in which we respond to uncertainty, as well as to forces and forms of life that are beyond our control and understanding.

The second day will be set up as a durational session co-composed by all the human and nonhuman actors that are present. The proposals of the previous day will offer us possible entrances and landing sites but will not define or determine the course of events; rather, we will follow the forms of being that may emerge through a shared state of not knowing.

The two-day event will end with a discussion, during which we can share and reflect on our experiences and discuss the overall development of the project.

The event is open to everyone and free of charge. Since the second day will be based on the exercises done on the first day, we encourage you to participate on both days if possible. If you cannot make it on both days, you are welcome to join us on either of the days.

We will offer a light lunch on both days.

Please sign up by Monday 17 August by sending an email to: info@bodybuildingproject.net