7 Dec 2018


Tending to Zero

Janken is an Asian game based on the relation of hardness between a par of scissors, a stone and a piece of paper that represents the harmony of the choices. In this video installation the visitors see a moving frame with three hands playing this game. This situation is simulated as a perfectly balanced system (no winner/no loser) through 9 video fragments which show the possibilities of not winning the game. These fragments are shown randomly, resulting an unpredictable endless video sequence.

Marcia Vaitsman (Brazil,1973) works since 1995 as media artist in São Paulo and Cologne. She graduated in Media Studies at the University of São Paulo (ECA/USP) and post graduated at the Academy of Media Arts of Cologne (KHM), Germany. She received the EMMA (Electronic Multimedia Award), UK; the granted residence from IAMAS, Japan; a project grant from the Prince Claus Fund, Netherlands and the UNESCO-Aschberg granted residence at Cable Factory in Helsinki.

Kati Korosuo (Finland, 1983) finished her dance studies at the Turku Conservatory (2005) and the dance highschool in Stockholm (2006). She have danced to the coreography of Per Jonssonin, Jyrki Karttusen, Gabriel Biencyczkin, Stephen Wynne and Anu Rajalan among others. She have worked as a dancer for Merunlahti summer theather (2004) and dance theather Raatikko (2006).

Andrea Morsero (Italy, 1973) is drummer and percussionist, member of “Stereo Plastica” music band. He has created and played in several bands in Italy such as Urban Science, Entelekia, Heavysoul, Macallan, Tappeto Prensile, Sukko, Heavyshoul 2K, Cuba Libre, Upside Fancy Stereo, Viola Maldita, R. Andrea has worked in cooperation with several artists including Mydevice, Punka, Ego, Diodegradabile, Monicamotormotel, Genetico Tazebao, Lele Battista, Revolver Festival, Divinazione Management.