12 Dec 2018


Somatic Paintings

SOMATIC PAINTINGS – A movement workshop for visual and performance artists

Choreographer Katariina MacAlester directs Somatic Paintings, a workshop where the understanding of bodily movement is approached through practical exercises. Focus is on working in a way that supports one’s own artistic practice through the awareness, and extension, of one’s own body and the space it occupies.

The aim of the workshop is to enhance the observation of movement and to open up one’s own articulation of physical expression. In addition to this, choreography based on improvisation and spontaneous movement (“instant choreography”) will be explored as well as the understanding of body awareness in relation to art and everyday life.

The workshop will be taught in Finnish and English.

Fees: 70 €

Registration: By 30th January 2009 (send an email to: somatic@hiap.fi)