6 Dec 2018


Solo Exhibition by Gustavo Artigas

For his first solo show in Finland, Gustavo Artigas (Mexico City, 1970) will present three video works which emphasize on one of his most recurrent subjects: the idea and the set up of the sense of disasters in contemporary society.

In these series of works we can observe some of the social tension and ideas of spectacle, which Artigas has developed in the last seven years. We can also grasp several other formal aspects of the work – planned by the artist – such as, surprise, special effects, risk, real footage and documentation of the events.

During his career Gustavo Artigas has participated in international group shows, including Venice Biennale, and has given solo shows at several distinguished locations internationally.

Gustavo Artigas is working at HIAP – Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme in April – May 2006.