12 Dec 2018


Shifting view

The title of the exhibiton “Shifting View” refers to a constant change, the change that even seemingly inactive places and things go through over time. To shift ones view also means changing ones mind, changing one´s understanding and viewpoint.

In the video “Tell Back Time” the story of a house with a heavy historical heritage is told. The video is trying to peel down the layers of stories about this house to one objective truth but fails in doing so. “Tell Back Time” also deals with how absent times and events leave traces in the present.

Several of the works in the exhibition deal with a certain ambiguity, they investigate the perception of reality, the creation of myths and the constant negotiation that goes on between the world of ideas and what we call the real.

“Shifting View “consists of video, drawings and photography. Though the works in the exhibition may seem epic they are all based on documentary material.