3 Dec 2018


SculptureHUB – Network Meeting Helsinki

Thursday, December 10th, HIAP Gallery Augusta

17:10-18:00 Presentation of SculptureHUB and Q & A 

18:00-19:20 Informal round table discussion

SCULPTURE HUB is a networking site and blog for sculptors, created in response to the uneven gender representation within the sculpture field. Aimed at women sculptors in the Nordic countries with aspirations to reach beyond the field and geographical boundaries. We are arranging network meetings around the Scandinavian capitals to meet artists, curators and writers who wants to share their experiences and input on the subject of women in the sculpture field. The long-term goal is to in 20016/17 organize a sculpture exhibition with focus on women artist  based in the Nordic region.

If you have a keen interest in the project but cannot attend or would like a studio visit please contact us sculpturehub[at]snowballproductions.com and we will try to arrange a meeting while we are in Helsinki.

SCULPTURE HUB is run by Josefina Posch – artist and founder of Snowball Cultural Productions & Sofia Landström, curator and researcher. It is supported by The Nordic Culture Point and the Helsinki meeting is made possible by the support by the Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP).