16 Dec 2018


Saskia Holmkvist: Role Control

The films Role Control and In Character by Saskia Holmkvist (b. 1971, Stockholm) enquire into the fine line between dialogues of rhetorical nature and demonstrations of power, located in both the private and political spheres. In this exhibition, Holmkvist weaves these together, investigating the factors that define and control human relations, and how these may be negotiated.

The two films complement one another in as much as they reciprocate each-other´s developing narratives, investigating social strategies and role-play through the format of the interview. Together, the works originate in four kinds of “conversation situations”, with diametrically opposite aims, each dealing with interpersonal and political positions: the job interview, the interrogation, couple therapy and political arbitration. In the course of the films, a meta-narrative develops, which relates the methodical similarities of these very different situations, i.e. the inter-subjective position adopted within the associated professions.