22 Dec 2018


Sam Smith: Cameraman

Sam Smith: Cameraman (2011)

4K video and Super 16mm film transferred to 2-channel HD video, stereo, colour

31:14 minutes

Cameraman, shot on location in Berlin, is a two-channel video installation that presents a sequence of events which take place between a film set, a cameraman’s apartment and an artist’s studio. The fractured narrative involves two camera lenses – one real and one sculpted by the artist. One channel of video conveys the action of the film set and its protagonists; the other interweaves the perspective of the film being shot – the ‘film within the film’. The work links celluloid film, sculptural practice and video installation through narrative cinematic form. The protagonist’s experience is one of traversing the realities of multiple screen-worlds, and registering the slippages between them.

The project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Sam Smith is supported by the NSW Government through Arts NSW and gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Helen Lempriere Bequest, managed by Perpetual.

Sam Smith is a video and installation artist who lives and works between Berlin and Sydney. He is staying at HIAP Suomenlinna until August 11.