14 Dec 2018


Salzburg Artists Association Berchtoldvilla: UNCONTROLLED

In May 2010, Vantaa Artists Association is hosting a visit by 12 artists from Artists Association Berchtoldvilla in the city of Salzburg. The Austrian artists are holding two exhibitions simultaneously: one at the Cable Gallery in Helsinki and the other at Galleria Gjutars in Vantaa. The Cable Gallery is showing the multi-dimensional exhibition UNCONTROLLED. The exhibition raises such questions as: Are we free when we create our works? And who or what binds us together: society, somebody else’s wishes, our own heads, fear? – and should we include politics here? The curator has already chosen the works for the forthcoming exhibition and she has power. Does she know more about the artworks than the artist (the curator herself is not always an artist), and about what artworks should be like in our times? The curating of the Salzburgers’ exhibition has been done in Austria, so the works that will come here are still a mystery to us – they are not under our control (Uncontrolled).