19 Dec 2018


Riikka Mäkikoskela: Various Cases

Via Memories to Various Futures

In her exhibition Various Cases Riikka Mäkikoskela (b. 1975) presents works from 2010–2011. The basis of her artistic working is cultural, but her approach is physical and material: “I enjoy working by hand, responding to the bodily interaction as my pieces evolve”.

For Mäkikoskela both the choice of material and the ways in which it is manipulated are significant; both have cultural implications. For example, there are many agreed, cultural references in our day-to-day living. Yet everything is in flux. As such, her use of media has been wide-ranging – from the traditional materials of sculpture to the basic substances of everyday life.

Mäkikoskela sees fascinating individuals and surroundings and is interested in actual, tangible experiences in particular places and times. “Usually I start working with the feeling of uncertainty, movement or change, which I will reflect on the concrete”, she says describing her artistic process.

The exhibition presented at Cable Gallery is the second part of Riikka Mäkikoskela’s dissertation at the Aalto University School of Art and Design in Helsinki. In her research work, the objective is to perceive the relationship between idea, means and the end result in three-dimensional art making.

Thanks to: Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation, Aberystwyth Arts Center, Aalto University, School of Art and Design and Pakilan Lastenpaikka Kindergarten.