15 Jul 2019


Reclaiming Vision

Date August 16 until September 29, 2019
Opening hours Tuesday to Sunday, 11:00–19:00
Location Levyhalli hall, Suomenlinna (Building nr. 21 on Suomenlinna map)
Duration 27 minutes
Free entrance

The cinematic artwork by Marjolijn Dijkman and Toril Johannessen stars aquatic micro-organisms that are invisible to the human eye without technical aid. Captured through a light microscope and projected onto a big screen, the life of the micro-organisms sampled from the brackish waters of the inner Oslofjord (Norway) and cultivated algae becomes a colourful drama. Microplastics and other synthetic debris collected from the sea also appear in the film.

For some time now, technical instruments have allowed us to see the tiny organisms that are vital to the ecosystems of our planet. Processes on the microscopic level often go unnoticed. By enhancing the scale, Reclaiming Vision takes the viewer to a world inside a drop of water, reminding us of the significance of healthy micro-organisms to the well-being of our water systems and the people who depend on them.

The work is shown in Levyhalli, Suomenlinna as a large scale projection curated by Jenni Nurmenniemi. Production: HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, with funding from Kone Foundation. A part of Helsinki Festival 2019 programme. Reclaiming Vision was originally commissioned by Munchmuseet on the Move 2018, The Munch Museum (Oslo).

Read in more detail on the exhibition here

Screening times
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Ferry connection to Suomenlinna
Please take the ferry at from the Market Square (Kauppatori). Ferry schedule here.

Accessing Suomenlinna by wheelchair is possible but we recommend to be accompanied by a person assisting. We are happy to help you plan your visit. Please contact HIAP for additional information, and read more on accessible route for visitors on Suomenlinna here