28 Nov 2018


Reacting to Changing Political Context: Art in Public Spaces

Fri 11 Nov 2016, 4-6pm

Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits from the curatorial collective TOK present their projects and discuss about the way that the current political situation in Russia has affected their practice.

How is independent artistic activity outside institutions determined in a situation where the state is actively aiming to control the cultural and political movements? What kinds of means does artistic practices have in dealing with propaganda and disinformation?

In their presentation, Russian curators Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits will speak about the interconnection between contemporary art and political discourse in Russia today and will especially focus on art projects and actions that take place in public spaces and have a solid social aspect within them. Bitkina and Veits will address particularities of the Russian context regarding perception of public space in post Soviet Russia and its overall fragility as a concept. They will speak about projects by well-known artists working in the public space in Russia and will also address new strategies of how artists survive in the current political context by working collectively and creating alternative art platforms for collaborations. TOK will also speak about their projects that take place in different areas of the city of St Petersburg where the two curators are based. They will outline social and participatory aspects of TOK’s practice and changing role of curators and artists working in the public domain today both in Russia and globally.

This event is organized by Alkovi in cooperation with HIAP programme Connecting Points. Alkovi’s activity is supported by Kone Foundation. Connecting Points program in HIAP is supported by Ministry of Culture and Education in Finland.