28 Nov 2018


Presentations on Curatorial Research

Curatorial Program for Research 2018: Dimming the Nordic Lights

HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme hosts the eight curators participating in Curatorial Program for Research (CPR) 2018, titled Dimming the Northern Lights during their visit in Helsinki. Welcome to meet the curators and learn about their work in an event hosted by Frame Contemporary Art Finland in collaboration with CPR.

The event allows insight into the curators’ current projects from around the world, while shedding light on the wide range of curatorial approaches operating in the field of contemporary art today. The curators presenting their curatorial practice are Paulina Ascencio, Marten Esko, Alessandro Facente, Siân McIntyre, Arlette Quỳnh-Anh Trần, Vanina Saracino, Lea Vene and Nina Wöhlk.

The event takes place at the Design Museum, Seminar room (Korkeavuorenkatu 23, Helsinki) on Friday 24 August from 10 am to 12 noon, and it’s moderated by Frame’s Head of Programme Jussi Koitela. The event is open for all and it’s held in English. No registration needed. Welcome!

About the The Curatorial Program for Research

The Curatorial Program for Research curators were selected to participate in the CPR research program Dimming the Northern Lights. The program focuses on how social integration stands for the act of incorporating individuals from different groups into a society as equals, while behavioral integration is when an individual stands in harmony with the environment.

The participants visit Reykjavik, Tórshavn, Tromsø, Boden, Luleå, Hyrynsalmi, and Helsinki getting to know the local scenes, artists and institutions, and carrying out on-site research. Local partners in Helsinki are HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

CPR offers fully-funded research programs and continuous elevating platforms and creates a socially-conscious network of emerging curators that connect with art scenes in burgeoning cities around the globe.