13 Dec 2018



Opening reception Wednesday 11 March 4 – 6pm. Welcome!

Artists: Anders Bergman SE, Olle Essvik SE, Alma Heikkilä FIN, Petri Junttila SE/FIN, Olli Keränen FIN, Antti Leppänen FIN, Maija Luutonen FIN, Pia Läspä FIN, Muriel Lässer CH, Anna Rokka SE, Nicolas Schevin FR, Marja-Leena Sillanpää SE, Kalle Turakka-Purhonen FIN, Laura Wesamaa FIN

The exhibition Good deeds was organized in November 2007 in the old Heteka- factory building in Vallila, Helsinki. The collaboration between three young artists Olli Keränen, Maija Luutonen and Laura Wesamaa originated from a wish to perform good deeds: to bring together good works and do something good for themselves as well as the viewers of the show. Premonitions is a continuation of this and came about in a very natural way. Once again the team began by thinking of the best possible combination of exhibition spaces, artists and public. The chosen artists seemed all to be dealing with endings, last times, deconstruction and apocalyptic atmospheres. The theme felt like it was already in the air.

As well as bringing 14 artists together, the exhibition connects three alternative non-profit exhibition spaces. Many are already familiar with Myymälä2, a gallery known for its open-mindedness, whilst Oksasenkatu 11, one of the newest additions to Helsinki’s exhibition spaces, has taken over the space once occupied by Gallery Leena Kuumola. The latter is run by a group of artists whose focus is on collaboration and conversation. They try to offer artists the means to react faster to current events and the possibility to show their work and ideas in a more effortless way. The HIAP Project Room is known as a space where both international and Finnish artists-in-residence can showcase their work. We wish to raise the profile of the Project Room as a great space in a new kind of affiliation.