12 Dec 2018


Post Post Post Studio

Post Post Post Studio features work by six young US-based artists. Organised by Chicago-based artist Carrie Schneider (b.1979) it is a homage to the aura of the artist’s atelier; a site for magic, transcendence, or divine failure. Schneider is herself currently in the middle of an artist’s residency at HIAP (Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme) in Finland. Thoughts about the utopic luxury and heart-wrenching reality of a studio practice confront her on a daily basis. In a time where artistic production is steeped in post-studio practices, relational aesthetics and the anti-form, much art made today still manifests the studio in the presence of labour, for example. Schneider feels it is an opportune moment to “take pause and reaffirm our belief in the awesomeness of the atelier.”