15 May 2016


Polyphonic Discussions with Jacques Ranciere at HIAP Gallery Augusta

Following the course ‘Intervention on Equality and Aesthetics of Knowledge’ that took place at Academy of Fine Art Helsinki in the frame of ‘Phd in One Night’ research, a public gathering will take place at HIAP Suomenlinna with the participants of the course and a group of researchers departing from French philosopher Jacques Rancière’s thesis on equality: music education (post)doctoral group from the Sibelius Academy and ArtsEqual project researchers (research initiative, coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, examining the arts as public service, with equality as the starting point). The programme will be concluded with a cinephil moment followed of commentaries by Jacques Ranciére.

This will be the very first visit of Jacques Rancière to Finland and a great opportunity for all interested participants to exchange in vivo with him.

The 3-week course ‘Intervention on Equality and Aesthetics of Knowledge” originates from Rancière’s ‘method of equality’ – especially from the parts dealing with issues of emancipation and education – as well as from his writings on aesthetics and poetics of knowledge.

The public presentation will consist of fragments, moments, and translation rehearsals of (im)possible concepts based on Rancière’s “poetics of knowledge” that have emerged in the “working cell” of the course as an open class: equality, emancipation, education, knowledge, art as knowledge, dislearning-learning, collective intelligence, the role of knowledge in a capitalist society.

Discussion, poetry, electricity-sculpture, musical articulations, other various researches on *common sensorium* and non-finito form will be part of a singular “knowledge translation” process resulting from the collective research.

*Unfortunately, this event is now fully booked. A waiting list will be available on site.*


Wed Jun 8, 2016
15:00 Polyphonic discussion with Jacques Ranciére
followed by a break with small snacks & drinks served

18:30 Les Éclats (Ma gueule, ma révolte, mon nom) / The Fragments (My Mouth, My Revolt, My Name) an experimental documentary, made by Sylvan Georges, 2011
followed by discussion with Jacques Ranciére about his interest in film and moving images

N.B. The participants in the course ‘Intervention on Equality and Aesthetics of Knowledge’ are master, doctoral and post-doctoral students from different departments of fine arts and social sciences studies, teachers, artists, and delegates of Night Schoolers project: Flora Bouteille, Sezgin Boynik, Felipe de Avila, Walter Dewald, Inma Herrera, Minna Heikinaho, Yassin Khaled, Anni Laakso, Ivana Momčilović, David Muoz, Deniz Önlü, Gregoire Rousseau.
The course is initiated and organised by Ivana Momčilović (dramaturge) in the frame of PhD in one night collective research (by People coming from nowhere). The course is arranged in Helsinki by Gregoire Rousseau (Rab-Rab Press/University of the Arts, Department Of Electricity & Sculpture), Sezgin Boynik (Rab-Rab Press) and Minna Heikinaho (AE/Uniarts). The philosopher Jacques Rancière will participate in the course on 7th–8th June.

Organisers and supporters:
University of the Arts Helsinki / Academy of Fine Arts: Markus Konttinen; Villu Jaanisoo (Sculpture department), Ulrika Ferm (Time and Space department); ArtsEqual-project/ Team #4 Socially Responsible Arts Institutions and Artists based at CUPORE: Minna Heikinaho & Sari Karttunen.
HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme