22 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer Review in Suomenlinna

Tomasz Bajer is a Polish visual artist interested in contemporary phenomena, social and political issues and conceptions centred around the free culture. His artistic activities involve conceptual art, action art, language art, installation, objects, sculpture, multimedia and painting. In his works, Bajer explores the issues of image, perception of reality and reality’s iconic representation in media. By using culture jamming, he points out contradictory messages in economy, human rights and politics.

Marko Tadić is a Croatian artist who is “interested in fictitious narratives and possible alterations of ‘past events’: nothing nostalgic, just using this ‘space’ for different interpretations of a not-so-distant past. These fictional places show us a potential past and its consequent future – this may be the place of our future selves and in this way it demands a personal responsibility.”

Over the last several years, Sabine Gruffat and Bill Brown have collaborated on work that explores the connection between people and place through experiments with novel audiovisual techniques and locative technologies. During their Peer-to-Peer Review, they would like to discuss a number of these shared projects. Time Machine, the first of these projects, is a multi-channel, multiple media performance that combines digital and analog technologies (video mixers, slide projectors, microcontrollers, etc.) into an integrated storytelling system.

A second collaboration, Bike Box, is inspired by Gruffat and Brown’s interest in bicycles as carriers of meaning as well as people. While at HIAP, Gruffat and Brown continue their research into remote media art-making through a project called P.A.P.A. (Public Address Protest Amplifier).

Ferries from Market Square at 16.20 and 16.40.

The HIAP Studios are located in the building marked with nr 16 on the Suomenlinna map: Link

Marko Tadic’s and Tomasz Bajer’s residencies are realised in the frame of the Paths Crossing production funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union.