22 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer Review at XL Art Space

HIAP’s collegial format, Peer-to-Peer Review, will take over XL Art Space on Thursday, March 29, with presentations of three new artistic projects by Paths Crossing artist-in-residence Krišs Salmanis and HIAP artists-in-residence Anna-Stina Treumund and Antanas Gerlikas.

Krišs Salmanis (b. 1977), Latvia, is going to present the fruits of his three-month residency at HIAP Suomenlinna realized in the frame of the Paths Crossing project, which is run by HIAP and supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union: “Since it is a production residency, then that is what I did – produced a new animated loop from a loosely related series of video works called Moving Landscape. It might be characteristic of my work altogether, for I have chosen an unexciting subject, taken it through an exciting process in order to achieve a result that is again rather unexciting.”

Anna-Stina Treumund (b. 1982), Estonia, will talk about the project she is currently working on. Her work is about lesbian gaze – if it exists and how to define and visualize it. The project is constructing the missing lesbian herstory of Estonia and of Baltic-German past.

Antanas Gerlikas (b. 1978), lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. “The main conceptual device of my oeuvre is the revisiting of the concept of a museum by looking at it from the perspective of, on one hand, an artwork, and on another, daily life. For this aim I consider an artwork as a semi-autonomous element dependent on the museum’s discipline – its spatial, temporal and ideological conventions, references, construction of history, etc. For this reason I am also interested in how these conventions are acted out in daily life. With this in mind, my aim is to separate the value of an artwork from an institution (the museum) and to transfer it into some new forms of life.”

Beside the artists’ presentations, artist and curator Ilari Laamanen will present the exhibition currently on show at XL Art Space. XL is an experimental art space coordinated by independent curators Toni Ledentsa, Ilari Laamanen, Christine Langinauer and Jenni Nurmenniemi, who will also be present in the event.