19 Dec 2018


Peer-to-Peer Review at Gallery Sinne with Petra Bauer, Dorota Nieznalska and Geoff Robinson

In the event will present their works Paths Crossing artist-in-residence Dorota Nieznalska and HIAP artists-in-residence Petra Bauer and Geoff Robinson.

Dorota Nieznalska from Gdansk will be presenting her ongoing research for a new piece examining violence during the Finnish Civil War, Petra Bauer from Stockholm will discuss her new collaborative piece made in South London and Geoff Robinson from Melbourne will talk about transitioning his durational works from Australia for his three-month residency on Suomenlinna.

Please join the Review to engage, reflect, and contribute feedback, ideas and criticism alongside the invited commentators, which are Sabina Westerholm, the Managing Director of Pro Artibus Association, Markus Åström, the Artistic Director of Gallery Sinne and the artist Petri Saarikko from the ‘Kallio Kunsthalle’ project.

Petra Bauer (b. 1970) will present her new video-installation Sisters!, which is a collaboration with the Southall Black Sisters – the radical, pioneering London- based feminist organisation who since 1979 have been politically engaged in the contemporary social and political conditions of black and minority women. Documenting one week in the life of the organisation, Sisters! is a film which takes their daily activities as a springboard for a visual discussion of feminism, politics and aesthetics in today’s society.

Bauer is part of HIAP’s Mid Career Residency Programme for the Nordic and Baltic Region.

Dorota Nieznalska (b. 1973) will be presenting her ongoing research for a new piece in which she continues her work on violence and its legacies in public space. The conflict between the Whites and the Reds in the Finnish Civil War (1917-1918) was extremely violent, and at times terroristic in nature. Nieznalska’s interest in the war was sparked by a monument built after the war in Lempäälä near Tampere called Oikeuden Miekka, which will be a point of reference in her new piece. Manifestations of male power and domination in public space are among the core themes she will address. This dominance is evident in victory memorials in particular.

The resulting piece will be be exhibited in Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma. Nieznalska is part of HIAP’s Paths Crossing Production and Research Residency Programme funded by the Culture Programme of the European Union.

Geoff Robinson (b. 1973) will be showing video documentation of his sound mapping and durational projects. In his presentation, he will discuss how these works and ideas will can be transitioned and developed during his residence on Suomenlinna.

Robinson is part of HIAP’s Residency Programme with the Australian Arts Council.

HIAP’s Peer-to-Peer Review is a forum in which artists and curators-in-residence present ongoing projects to a peer-group audience in an intimate context. Peer-to-Peer Reviews are chaired, although quite informally, and usually at least two commentators are invited to enhance the discussion. All HIAP residents and others interested in in-depth discussion of art and artworks in-the-making are encouraged to attend.