5 Mar 2019


Peer-to-Peer Review at Fluid pop-up gallery

With HIAP artists-in-residence, Arts de Signs program, Julia Tcharfas, Linn Annen, Celine D. and Pauline Sauveur, Tuesday, September 25 at 5-7pm, Fluid pop-up gallery, Kluuvi shopping center, Aleksanterinkatu 9, 3rd floor

During her residency in HIAP Julia Tcharfas (b.1982) has realized an acoustic performance Echo-system set within the context of an urban garden designed by Wayward Plants. In the forthcoming Peer-to-peer Tcharfas will reflect on the project developed over the course of her HIAP residency. Her interdisciplinary practice has ranged from sculptural installation to print and more recently to performance, while looking at themes of the man-made environment and its relationship to nature. Tcharfas’ residency is part of the Arts de Signs – Signalling Art as Social Design program at HIAP with support by the British Council.

Celine David (b. 1979) and Linn Annen (b. 1976), both based in Berlin, will discuss about their on-going fashion design project, which is made in collaboration with elderly people living in the service centers around the metropolitan area. The elderly workshop participants have developed a collection of clothes and accessories and the results will be presented in a fashion show on September 29. The project is linked to the European Year of Active Ageing 2012, which aims to improve the everyday life of elderly people. Linn Annen and Celine David’s residency at HIAP is part of the Arts de Signs – Signalling Art as Social Design program with support by the Goethe institute.

Pauline Sauveur (b. 1971) is an architect, author and photographer living and working in France. “Spaces and volumes interest me: the play of light, texture, details, lines and openings, all these elements which give a structure to our imagination”, she explains her artistic interests. Sauveur’s project during HIAP residency in Helsinki is to invest a subway car with texts and pictures, in order to recreate a new space, which will tell about everyday life, traveling, surprises. She is going write a specific text during the residency, and let it invade the car. “I hope it will bring people during their trip, to a poetic and imaginary dimension”, she concludes. Sauveur’s residency is part of the Arts de Signs – Signalling Art as Social Design program at HIAP with support by the French Institute.

Arts De Signs – Signalling Art as Social Design program is part of the World Design Capital 2012 Helsinki.