13 Dec 2018


New Art Contact

November hosts the first residency for Nordic performance artists taking place within one of HIAP´s spaces on Suomenlinna. The residence artists will present their work in a New Art Contact live art event together with local artists.

The first artist currently residing is Hege W. Eriksen from Bergen, Norway. The Nordic Performance Art Residency Progamme curated by Willem Wilhelmus will continue throughout the year 2010 on HIAP´s Suomenlinna residencies in collaboration with Art Contact. The Nordic Performance Art Residencies and the New Art Contact events are made possible thanks to a received grant from the Nordic Culture Fund.

Art Contact live art events have been presented on a regular basis since 2005. By the coming together of various live art forms e.g. experimental dance, music, video art and performance art presented by Finnish and international artists, help the development of Art Contact becoming a platform for Performance Art.

The first New Art Contact event will take place on Saturday 28th of November at the Cable Gallery from 7 – 10 pm. Admission is free.


Hege Wagtskjold Eriksen (Norway): Thin White Line (2009)

Paralyzed by staring at a chalk line drawn in front of it, a wonderful hen is held captive by it’s own imagination.

Panagiotis Balomenos (Helsinki/Greece): Entirely Emprimé (2009)

A presentation for the public revealing a very intimate fantasy of my personal life and reflections of my artistic practice. Panagiotis Balomenos arts centre is around the human body and existence, both on a physical as well as a mental level.

Baaba Jakeh Chande (Helsinki/Zambia): Untitled (2009)

“In this performance I will wrap toilet paper to my hair and my body while looking into the mirror as a means to transform myself . During the process I will incorporate drumming and materials such as envelops and various sizes of plain papers with written text on them. I will ask audience to come forward and hang papers and envelops to my hair as a means to establish new dialogue”.

Harri Larjosto (Vantaa): Kulkutauti 28 min video (2009 Sort of pandemic – English version available soon)

“Mysteries of circulation characterized by elements of black humor and surprise.” Harri Larjosto focuses on the exploration of images whilst challenging the limitations of varied artistic disciplines.

Hepa Halme, Petri Kuljuntausta and Arttu Tolonen (Helsinki): Sound Art (2009)

Hepa Halme´s work is based on sound materials extracted from his record titled “Prospektor”. Electronically manipulated by Arttu Tolonen and Petri Kuljuntausta. Soloist on woodwind instruments: bass flute, bass clarinet and tenor saxophone.