14 Dec 2018


New Art Contact

Bartolomé Ferrando (b. 1951, Spain) always takes the poetic image as a starting point in his work in the realm of visual poetry, object poetry, object book, sound poetry, installation and performance. The sphere of poetry helps him to construct pieces and structures, which he then uses to approach the areas of music, plastic art and action. The result of all this is an oeuvre that could be categorized to be in the field of intermediate art, a practice in which the work can be interpreted from the angle of at least two different artistic domains, since it straddles both areas. In addition humour can be found in many of his objects and performances, sprung from the inner essence of the pieces.

Rakini Devi’s (India) work can be described as hybrids of theatre and performance art. She often includes text, her own visual art, film, and original music. She has collaborated with artists from diverse practices who share her interest in creating art that challenges our notions on race, culture, social issues and new technologies.

Rakini´s work often explores notions of the “sacred” and “taboo” in relation to the social traditions effecting women in Indian society. Themes have included the custom of arranged marriage, widow immolation, female infanticide and the social segregation of women, often celebrating the ancient texts of Hindu mythology. Her solo performances have been presented in Australia, Japan, Europe, Canada, India and USA.

Ulla Hvejsel (b. 1975, Denmark) is a visual artist working interdisciplinary and experimentally with theatre, film, parenthood, performance, television, journalism, and more.

Ulla Hvejsel has been part of the artist-run TV-station ”tv-tv”, sailed the Caribbean as embedded journalist on a European mission, proposed a new experimental approach to watching TV, has collected jokes from war films and enacted them for three years – and she regularly gives lectures about her interest in Selfdeceit, the Sublime, and the whiteness of the White Bear. At the moment Ulla Hvejsel is in a residence organized by HIAP and Art Contact.

Residency is supported by Nordic Culture Fund.

Katri Kainulainen (b. 1978, Finland) is a visual artist and a performer whose works often relate to human beings’ small wishes and the confusion of every day life. At the moment Katri Kainulainen is finishing her MA studies in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and she’s been researching the expression of trauma-based performances. This can clearly be seen in her recent works.

Kainulainen often uses assistants in her performances and sometimes she stays fully behind the scenes. The costumes and other equipment have a big role in her performances; the costume itself can even be the content of the performance.

Marcus Lerviks (b.1969, Finland) has studied in the Swedish art-school in Nykarleby 1994-98 and at the ”Pallas program” in the University of Art and Design in Helsinki during the years 1998 to 2001. Lerviks deals with alien ship to oneself and others through covers or structures that one builds in order to strengthen one´s experience of the reality. Although the experience of living in the world is individual and unshared by others, it can still be recognized. One reality is a shared reality.

In his work at New ArtContact Lerviks states: “Reduce the appearance of Sagging Skin, Lines, and Wrinkles WITHOUT painful, expensive injections, and WITHOUT dangerous muscle relaxers or harsh chemical ingredients”.