4 Dec 2018


Meet the Curator: Angela Jerardi & Yasmina Reggad

HIAP Helsinki International Artist Programme in collaboration with Frame Visual Art Finland and SINNE present a seminar and a roundtable discussion with curators Angela Jerardi and Yasmina Reggad on Tuesday, 25 August, 6–8 pm at SINNE.

Yasmina Reggad is looking at how to choreograph a lecture or a presentation. For this, she is borrowing methodologies from dance and choreography to translate concepts, texts and discourse into phrases, movements and rhythm’s structure as well as into new directions to inhabiting a space. Drawing from the case study analysis of Repeat/Rehearse, a series of performances she commissioned for the Delfina Foundation (London), Reggad will present and perform fragments of the unfinished score she developed to introduce issues raised by artists in Repeat/Rehearse.

Motivated by an interest in the collective resource of plant-based sustenance and the nascent field of plant neurobiology, Angela Jerardi‘s current research intertwines the human regulatory perspective of food security and plant resources and the study of plant intelligence as it relates to the uniqueness of plants’ “sessile life style,” living literally rooted in place. Deriving from an ongoing interest in absurd realism and the intelligibility of language (or lack thereof), her talk will look at the modalities of visual and orated essayistic forms, incorporating a mixture of methods including diagrams, academic research, storytelling, and speculation.

These presentations will be followed by a brief conversation, with Angela and Yasmina discussing each other’s curatorial work, activities and methodologies.

Angela Jerardi is a curator and writer who mostly lives in Amsterdam. Her activities amalgamate around a constellation of interests including: divergent ways of knowing, collective models of working, and the exploration of play and humor as a pedagogical and exhibition-making methodology. Her research focuses on a knot of cultural phenomena, including: utopian thinking, sanitation, absurd tools, speculative futures and socioeconomic botany. She completed the de Appel Curatorial Programme in 2013, and has an academic background in cultural anthropology.

Yasmina Reggad is an independent curator and writer based in London who works between London and Algiers. She holds an MA in Middle Ages History from the Sorbonne University and is presently Programme Curator at aria (artist residency in algiers) and was Exhibition and Projects Manager at Delfina Foundation. Reggad’s research focuses on the politics of futurity, as well as on alternative models of art education.

Jerardi and Reggad are in curatorial residency at HIAP as part of HICP Helsinki International Curatorial Programme. HICP is co-organised by HIAP and Frame Visual Art Finland.

Refreshments and snacks will be served.