14 Dec 2018


Markus Konttinen: My River

Markus Konttinen’s exhibition My River starts the year in Kaapelin Galleria.

“In the same River we step and don’t step, we and not we”.

This thought of Herakleitos is the theme of Markus Konttinen’s exhibition. Markus Konttinen is a visual artist and also the new principal of Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

– Herakleitos talks about the uniqueness, which is connected to experiencing nature and perception and also our relationship towards perception. It’s truly so that we don’t step in the same river twice, neither do we always know if we take the step by the same foot of our personality, describes Markus Konttinen. The theme of his new paintings is titled river, which in its own way refers to flow. The starting point and direction of the flow in Konttinen’s paintings is colour. He uses clear colours, which layer after layer form their own energetic levels. These levels are filled with expectations. Concurrently colour is very concrete.