3 Dec 2018


MAA 2016 Graduation Exhibition

MAA 2016
HIAP Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna
5 – 22 May 2016
Open daily 12:00-18:00

Vernissage on Wednesday 4 May 17:00 – 20:00. Welcome!

MAA 2016 is the graduation exhibition of the third-year students of Art School MAA. This year, the exhibition is held on the school’s home island, Suomenlinna, at the HIAP Gallery Augusta.

The students of Art School MAA are exceptionally broad ranging in their artistic expression. Many already have professions as they enter the school, and possess a variety of skills and interests. This is also true with the class of 2016: the artists to build the current exhibition in Suomenlinna include a midwife, an architect, an archaeologist, and a translator. During the three years the group has spent together, the varied backgrounds and perspectives have influenced the students’ worldviews and ways of expression in many ways.

Art School MAA’s class of 2016 is closely in touch with the present time. The exhibition highlights topical themes and emotions, with a broad spectrum of various techniques and styles. The works have been inspired by, e.g., the possibilities of different paints, communication, identity, social themes, nature, history, and communities. The audience is pampered with an exquisite set of installations, videos, paintings, environmental art, and combinations that you cannot label.

Art School MAA is a socially oriented arts school, which was founded in 1986. The day study programme, offering the qualification for artist’s profession, lasts three years. During that time, the students gain an extensive insight into making art and the field of art as a part of society.

Graduating artists:
Henrik Fabricius
Minna-Karoliina Heino
Sini Helander
Terhi Ketolainen
Suvi Maaranen
Melina Alexina
Milla Paloniemi
Eveliina Raekallio
Blythe Smith
Mia Ylöstalo