17 Dec 2018


Linda Hofvander, Sam Smith: Framed Perceptions

31 May – 30 June, SINNE

Framed Perceptions collects together work by two geographically diverse artists: Linda Hofvander (Sweden) and Sam Smith (Australia). The aim is to draw together parallel lines of investigation that interrogate the material of the captured image, focusing on the process of constructing space and narrative through photography, film, video and sculpture. By using recording media to define objects and spaces, a complex relationship is created between the act of recording and the images recorded. It is a relationship that holds significance in our increasingly mediated society.

In both Hofvander’s and Smith’s practice lies a strong connection to the media by which they present ideas and understanding the apparatus of the image frame becomes fundamentally linked to the contents within it. In creating images, the artist’s hand is visible but not central. The artists are authors of the frame but always in collaboration with the situation and the camera device.

Through her photographic studies Hofvander creates a visual world that is intuitive and playful. An immersion with the magic of the visual world becomes fundamental in her work. The basis for her art lies within an exploratory and critical interpretation of the medium per se, where she explores the representative capabilities of the photograph, as well as the illusion that photography is a physical representation of the real.

Sam Smith is a video and installation artist whose practice integrates sculptural construction and moving image in an artistic critique of cinema’s apparatus. Interrogating the formal structure of screen-space his work examines montage, filmic narrative and the camera instrument.

Linda Hofvander has received support from the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation. She was hosted by HIAP in spring 2012 as a part of the Focus AiR Residency Programme. Focus AiR is initiated and co-organised by Centre for Photography (Stockholm), The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers (Oslo), and Union of Artist Photographers / Photographic Gallery Hippolyte (Helsinki).

Sam Smith is supported by Arts NSW’s NSW Artists’ Grant Scheme, a funding program administered by the National Association of the Visual Arts on behalf of the NSW Government.