12 Dec 2018


Lens Politica & HIAP present: A People Without A Land

Saturday, 16 August, 6 pm
Free admission

Welcome to the Finnish premiere of A People Without A Land

Lens Politica festival and HIAP – Helsinki international Artist Programme present an extremely current documentary film A People Without a Land (2014). The film had its premiere in Manhattan Film Festival in July, where it won the Film Heals award.

After the film screening follows a discussion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’s possible solution and the present situation in Gaza. Journalist-author Hannu Reime chairs the discussion with Syksy Räsänen from Israel Committee Against House Demolition Finland and Yehia el-Sayedfrom Arabikansojen ystävyysseura participating.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a conflict between those who believe in democracy, and those who believe in ethnocracy, claims the new documentary film A People Without A Land. The film directed by Eliyahu Ungar-Shargon sifts through the history of the conflict and the possibilities to solve it. This film gives much-needed context to the most recent and still ongoing assaults in Gaza.

Duration 78’ min, subtitled in English. Language of the discussion is English.