5 Dec 2018


Learning Village Sveaborg 2015

The Learning Village will be organised for the first time in Finland in March 2015. The purpose of the Learning Village is to come together, share and reflect on your questions, inspire each other, bridge people and projects, work together, and strengthen our relationships through conversations and stories.

Since it is also a meeting of practitioners using participatory tools, we can exchange experiences and learn from our practices. Methods will not be taught; but there will be opportunities to practice and methods will be introduced when used (e.g. Open Space).

We have invited people who want to explore how to work and live together, people who are dedicated to the art of being humane together through various practices like:

  • Facilitation and Art of Hosting and Harvesting,
  • Narrative, visual and other art forms: Drama Work and Social Theater, Graphic Facilitation
  • Open Space, Circle Practice, Appreciative Inquiry, Dynamic Facilitation, Storytelling
  • Deliberative Democracy, Participatory Leadership, Adaptive Systems,
  • Mentoring, Coaching, Mindfulness and Presencing.

We will live and work on the historical fortress island of Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in maritime environment and surrounded by nature and layers of history. We will here explore questions, ideas and concepts we wish to be part of our future world: what do we want to leave behind, what are the key aspects we want to take care of on a deeper level?