18 Dec 2018


Kevyt Kivi

Kevyt kivi is an audioplay about invisible pain called migraine. Texts in this performance are based on Sofia Koski´s own experiences and also those one hundred people who answered for guestions of migraine via Finnish Migraine Association. This performance Kevyt kivi tries to find the way to be with migraine.

Sofia Koski is a theatre maker and a teacher of performing. She works in a broad range of roles from classical plays, workshops and community drama to the new methods and forms of devised theatre, interactive performances and performative art. Koski is a founder member of the Theatre ILMI Ö.

Audioplay Kevyt kivi in the Gallery Augusta on Friday, September 16, at 18.45, Saturday, September 17, at 15.00 and 18.45 and on Sunday, September 18, at 15.00 and 18.45.