4 Dec 2018


Katrín Ólína: Primitiva-Talismans

5-13 September, Helsinki Observatory
The opening reception and book launch of Katrín Ólína’s Primitiva, Book of Talismans will take place on 5 September at HIAP Gallery Augusta 17-19. Welcome!

Icelandic Designer Katrín Ólína will launch her new project, Primitiva-Talismans, in the rear garden tower of the Helsinki Observatory during Helsinki Design Week 2015. The project presents a lexicon of 40 talismans in bronze, developed with digital manufacturing technologies and produced by Finnish jewelers at Kalevala Koru. Additionally, the exhibition introduces Ólína’s corresponding publication, Primitiva, Book of Talismans. It consists of 40 short texts and illustrations and can be used either as a guide to the Primitiva collection or enjoyed on its own as a collection of ideas and inspirations.

Katrín Ólína was born in Iceland in 1967. She studied Industrial Design in Paris and worked in international design studios before establishing on her own in 2007. She now lives in Reykjavik and Helsinki. Since 2014, Katrín Ólína has been in residency at Aalto digital design laboratory’s (ADD) and Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) where she has explored existential questions in the Information Age by delving into the potential of digital design and manufacturing.

Partners and Supporters:

Aalto Digital Design Laboratory (ADD), Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP), Iceland Design Fund, Kalevala Koru, Helsinki Observatory, Helsinki Design Week, Saariaho Järvenpää, Ensæmble, Made by Choice, Studio Sebastian Jansson, Ateljé Sotamaa, SAAS instruments, Nordic Culture Point and Embassy of Iceland.