22 Dec 2018


Jorge Cabieses-Valdés: THE MINIATURE SERIES

Chilean artist Jorge Cabieses-Valdés’ (b. 1978) exhibition The Miniature Series consists of two works: a series of three videos from which the show gets its title; and The Miniature (the plague), a piece developed during the artist’s residency at HIAP Cable Factory in winter 2011. Both works deal with fundamental concepts, such as domesticity and perversion.

The Miniature Series videos were produced between 2009 and 2012, and were conceived of as a single entity. The videos were filmed using the chroma key technique, i.e., incorporating a solid, homogeneous colour, which is later manipulated to allow the insertion of new images. Using this technique, the artist himself performs in front of the camera, combining three alternative effects: the chroma key as background; as a wearable suit; and as a combination of the two.

The exhibition combines two formal concepts related to the artist’s practice: the aesthetics of the Rococo (18th-century furniture and porcelain); and images of disasters cut out of newspapers and magazines, and put together by the artist over the last 15 years.

The Miniature (the plague), presented in the exhibition alongside the video projections, is a project involving hundreds of broken porcelain figures that was previously exhibited at the Museo de la Solidaridad in Chile in 2011. These porcelain figures, traditionally known as putti, have been shattered into hundreds of fragments and then put back together again using glue, tape, resin and other adhesive materials.