19 Dec 2018


Johanna Eliisa Laitanen & Liinu Grönlund: Aura of Place d’Armes

Aura of Place d’Armes is the story of an attempt to conserve a past that may perhaps never have existed. It tells of memories pieced together from fragments, which written history both affirms and contests. Johanna Eliisa Laitanen (b. 1976) and Liinu Grönlund’s (b. 1984) video work now being shown in the Cable Gallery deals with the originality of the architecture and the rituals of the place, and reconstructions of them. It concentrates on examining stark moments and intermediate states – early mornings, the emptiness of the place, the exercises. By combining both lingering and observational shots with storytelling that takes place in different temporal strata, the work generates an unreal atmosphere.