17 Dec 2018


Jertta Ratia: Interiors

Jertta Ratia’s (b. 1948) Interiöörejä (Interiors) takes the viewer into a variety of living spaces. The paintings in the exhibition opening at the Cable Gallery on June 2, 2011, are partly figurative, and partly non-figurative abstractions, thus placing the focus on atmospheres and states of mind.

As a living area, a room is a closed space that conceals, reveals, and possibly opens doors to the outside or, on the contrary, into an inner world. A room generally also contains furniture and various items of décor. The starting point for Ratia’s work may, for example, be a picture of an interior found in a magazine, an advert, an image reminiscent of a particular room, or a totally imaginary construct. The spaces are either lived-in or empty. From them we can pick out signs of good, bad or curious ways of living and furnishing. The artist leaves the interpretation open in many directions.