7 Dec 2018


Intentions, Inceptions

Photographic artist Timo Kelaranta was working at the Goyan Studios in Seoul for three months earlier this spring. Some of the works he completed during the time in Korea are now shown at the The Quiets, which is part of the opening exhibition of the new Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA.

In his exhibition “Intentions, Inceptions” at the HIAP Project Room in Cable Factory Mr. Kelaranta will present the side of an artist’s practice that is rarely seen at galleries or museums. As the title suggests, the show consists of unfinished sketchs, inceptions for works and suggestions for titles. The audience will have a chance to glance into some of the more private aspects of the artistic process.

Timo Kelaranta is one of the most established photographic artists in Finland. He has exhibited internationally since the 70’s and has worked as the Professor of Photography at the University of Industrial Art & Design in Helsinki. His residency in Seoul was organised within an ongoing exchange program between HIAP and the Korean National Art Studio.