12 Dec 2018


IMAGINe/g of thinking

Sandra Mann shows herself to be dependent, sometimes addicted: customs & costumes of being Man, methodologies & modalities, internal motus & external motus. The universality of a living being of human-animal-faunal-floral-urban aspect lures her and fills her photographic journey. Images multiply and scatter. All the details drawn from reality turn into an opportunity to weave a narrative, to put into effect a possible dialogue. The tale is neither disclosed nor predictable, nor is it offered up with some hasty being there. Factors of an apparent non-association with the other elements preside over and leave a concrete sign of their passing (waiting to understand how the director intends to move them, alternating and counterbalancing them). All the elements of the puzzle – and the elements they themselves are made of – very slowly come together, until that time still confused and uncertain as to their destiny, and they begin to find some of the answers they were seeking. Mann’s universe must not be outlined or defined. Any possible category or label one might wish to attach or ascribe soon proves to be a nervous and oppressive trimming. Mann’s manifold orientation displays a palpable need to rest upon sure possibility. The possibility of being able to range free and encroach, however and wherever.

-Marta Casati, curator and writer based in Milan

At the HIAP Project Room exhibition Sandra Mann gives us an insight into the different facets of her multi-faceted photographic work in the form of an installation including a video show accompanied with music composed and played by Sara Puljula. One part of the video show titled IMAGINe/g is mainly based on photos taken in various times and locations all over the world during 1996-2008. The other part consists of an extract of a new project called Super Helsinki.

Sandra Mann (born. 1970 in Gross-Gerau, Germany) is artist-in-residence at HIAP during spring 2008. After studying art history in Frankfurt/Main, Mann completed the Academy of Art and Design in Offenbach. Since the mid-1990s she has travelled and worked abroad and her photos have been showed in several international exhibitions. She won i.a. the New Talents Förderkoje at Art Cologne. Her works have hung amongs others in Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Tiroler Landesmuseum in Austria, Goethe Institute in Athens and Museo Universitario de Ciencias y Arte in Mexico City.

While in residency at HIAP Mann has been closely collaborating with Lou Galopa, also artist-in-residence at HIAP during March-May 2008. An installation of the Open Door project is presented at the HIAP Lounge.

The residency is collaboration of City of Frankfurt am Main, Department of Culture and Science in collaboration with Frankfurter Kunstverein.