12 Dec 2018


If the artist didn’t make art, someone else would

The show consists of four works:

“hiding behind big words”
– a wall painting of monumental text saying “big words”

“a life mostly lived in the comfort zone”
– a model train goes round and round on a table covered with green carpet. Part of the route the train is following goes slightly over the edge of the table.

“pointing out an imperfection”
– a large photograph depicting a hand pointing at something outside the picture. The hand is pointing at an imperfection on the wall where it is hanging.

“constructed fall”
– a small tree in a flowerpot is standing in a corner of a room. The leaves have been spray-painted brown, some of the paint has hit the wall behind the tree.

Four works with no apparent common ground. The show functions as a group show made by one artist.

All the works have different meanings, so every time the viewer goes from one work to another he or she has to refocus. In the form of mild uncertainty that appears between each of these meanings, a common feeling of understanding may arise. The mind will always try to connect the different spots.

We live a society defined by change. What is new is by definition good – does this apply to people, too? Do we have to constantly reinvent ourselves in order to become good human beings?

Where does that leave you?

Taking the point of the red “you are here” dot on a map, the exhibition asks who the person of “you” and where the place they call “here” is. And who are they? What is your relationship to the “place” and to the people who are telling you that you are in this place? Where will you go from there and what will you find? What will your reaction be to the things you come upon?

We understand the world around us and the people in it through certain rules. We constructed and agreed on these rules through time and see them as facts. The rules are in fact made out of building blocks. By taking the blocks apart and putting them back together in new ways, some of the understanding will be lost. This is a good thing!

Kaapelin Galleria, Cable Factory, Helsinki
opening hours: Tue 11-18, Wed-Fri 11-17, Sat-Sun 12-16