19 Dec 2018


Hot and Cold Debt – Citizens and the Global Economic Crisis

Addressing a burning issue of our times, HIAP Talks and Pixelache Helsinki have invited Aris Chatzistefanou the director of Debtocracy, a documentary film about the Greek economic crisis, to engage in a public discussion with the researcher Teppo Eskelinen on the political economics of debt. The discussion will follow the screening of his film at the Lens Politica Festival.

What is the nature of debt, and how does it affect the everyday lives of individual citizens? Does the Euro have a future? What is the role and responsibility of journalists in analyzing the economic crisis and communicating possible alternatives and solutions?

This discussion is part of Pixelache’s Money Lab project on the island of Suomenlinna in 2011, which focuses on ideas and practical implementations of local currencies, in cooperation with HIAP Talks.

HIAP Talks
Hot and Cold Debt – Citizens and the Global Economic Crisis
November 18, 7.30 pm, Andorra (Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki)

Aris Chatzistefanou (GR), Journalist and Director of Debtocracy
Teppo Eskelinen (FI), Researcher, Aalto University School of Economics

The discussion will be held in English.
Free entrance!

Debtocracy (Hreokratia, Greek 2011 / 74 min. / documentary, English subtitles)

How did Greece end up in the economic and political dead end in which it now finds itself? What is the part of the average Greek person in the country’s debt crisis – or, for that matter, the role of the EU, European corporations and investment banks? Debtocracy looks for answers to these burning questions by exploring the causes and repercussions of Greece’s debt overflow. Comparison to Ecuador stands here as a highly relevant example: the president has taken a stand against the rapidly increasing debt load of the country. The film predicts a bleak future for Greece if the political elite try to cover for its own mistakes by ruthlessly running elementary public services into the ground.


Fri 18.11.2011 at 18:00, Andorra (Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki)

Sat 19.11.2011 at 18:00, Dubrovnik (Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki)

Tickets: 6.50 € (Lens Politica serial tickets: 5 tickets 30€, 10 tickets 58€)