16 Dec 2018


HIAP talks: Valentinas Klimašauskas and Karl Larsson

The final speakers in this year’s Spring series of HIAP Talks are the curator Valentinas Klimašauskas and the artist Karl Larsson. Their presentation, introduces HIAP’s second Annual Summer Exhibition MORE OR LESS, A FEW POCKET UNIVERSES, which will open at Gallery Augusta on June 17, 2011. The exhibition is based on the idea of giving spectators the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the construction of their own universes. The exhibition includes 20 artists, among others Sasha Huber and Mikko Kuorinki from Finland.

Evening Programme

• A short introduction describing the genesis of the forthcoming exhibition.

• A recital by Karl Larsson from his latest book “Parrot”, in which the figure of the parrot is followed through literary history. The artist and poet is currently in residence at HIAP Suomenlinna.

• A presentation of artworks originally planned to be included in the Summer Exhibition, but were not available for various reasons.

• A reading of “The Cat is on the Table. A potential neologism”, an issue of “The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt”, edited by Chris Fitzpatrick (San Francisco).

Valentinas Klimašauskas (born 1977 in Kaunas) is a founding co-editor of “The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt” (www.blunt.cc) and a curator at the Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre (www.cac.lt). As a curator, writer and editor he is interested in speculative economies of language and in linking agents, concepts and readers into new performative systems.

Karl Larsson (born 1977 in Kristianstad) is an artist, poet and editor of OEI, a periodical publication of conceptual writing and poetry. His work as an artist is both sculptural and language-based. As a poet Larsson employs the essayistic form for poetic reasoning and gaining conceptual awareness. He has published three books of poetry: “Form/Force” (OEI Editör 2007), “Nightsong” (OEI Editör 2009) and “Parrot” (Paraguay Press 2010). Recently, he has had solo exhibitions at Index (Stockholm) and the Neue Aachener Kunstverein (Aachen); and group exhibitions at Moderna Museet (Stockholm) and the Centre d´art Paserrelle (Brest).

HIAP Talks is curated by Marita Muukkonen and is organised in collaboration with the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and the Curatorial Studies Programme of Aalto University (CuMMa).