17 Dec 2018


HIAP Talks: The War of Art

May 2, 2013 at 5–7 pm, Kiasma Seminar Room

HIAP Talks: The War of Art launches the NORDIC ART ASYLUM Network Meeting held 2–4 May 2013 at HIAP Suomenlinna, Helsinki. The meeting brings together participants from Nordic and Baltic cultural organisations that share an interest in developing a new residency programme for artists, filmmakers, documentarists, and other creatives working under the threat of human rights violations.

The event starts with a discussion between street artist Ganzeer (via Skype) and curator Marita Muukkonen. They will discuss how the revolution of Egypt in 2011 sparked the birth of an incredibly vibrant and politically involved street-art scene, which many consider to be the one true media of revolutionary Egypt. Through his own personal experience, Ganzeer talks about why he thinks street-art became such an important phenomenon.

Ganzeer, a graphic designer since 2005, has been described by The Guardian as a major player in an emerging “counter-culture art scene on the mainstream radar”. Outside of the contemporary art world, where he has been involved since 2007, he has become most known for his street-art and activism throughout 2011.

The second discussion will be with Morten Goll. Goll is a socio-politically inspired artist working with social platforms for political change. He is also the day-to-day leader, and co-founder of The Trampoline House in Copenhagen.

The Trampoline House is a non-profit, self-organised, user-driven culture house, where asylum seekers, Danish citizens, and anybody else can meet, share experiences, and learn from one another on equal terms. The house was established in October 2010 by more than 100 volunteer asylum seekers and Danish asylum activists in reaction to Denmark’s asylum policies.

The event is organised by HIAP and curator Marita Muukkonen in collaboration with Kiasma.

NORDIC ART ASYLUM Network Meeting brings together representatives from a number of organisations, including FreeMUSE (NO), The Trampoline House (DK), OCA (NO), Botkyrka Konsthall (SE), ArtLAB Gnesta (SE), Nida Art Colony (LT), MOKS (EE), and Mustarinda (FI). The participants will discuss the various ethical, practical, financial and legal issues that have to be considered when planning an Asylum Residency programme. Artists, curators and all interested are warmly welcome!

The Meeting is being organized with support from Nordic Culture Point.