19 Dec 2018


HIAP Studio Show by Sascha Boldt : Addvertisements

Sascha Boldt, working in Frankfurt, Germany, and around the world, is showing photos from his ongoing project One Second Photos on Friday, November 25.

In these photos, Sascha interacts with public advertisements through connecting his hands to hand-imagery he has found in Helsinki. Arising from this source, Boldt has started to transform these photos into large-scale ink drawings. These, he says, encode and present different aspects of art production. “Art is based on copy and paste” is his leitmotif for these works which are said to deal with the daily circumstances of making art in the context of brands, everyday life, as well as the subliminal expectations which arise within the system of art seen as one of the most special corporate and sociological phenomenons. For Boldt, these works on paper represent an insight into art as the most fascinating thing, the highest belief. Ultimately, he believes, art can be equated with religion: “If you choose art, art chooses you!”